Grand Bahama Island: An Alternative Wedding Destination

Want something a bit different for your wedding?

For certain occasions and times of your life, you just want to get away. Perhaps the weather has become unforgivably hot or cold in your home town, perhaps you live in a large city such as New York or Washington DC and you just want some peace and quiet. Alternatively, perhaps you want to have a really romantic location for your wedding: one which is truly inspiring and metaphorical of your love for each other.

Grand Bahama, part of the Bahamas in the West Indies, is one of those places which is exciting, romantic, idyllic, picturesque, relaxing and calming. Wonderfully, it also has an extensive collection of fabulous wedding venues who can give you the wedding of your dreams. We have discovered the best hotels on Grand Bahama for you to choose from for your wedding.

Sand-Free Turquoise Waters Experience

Pelican Bay on Grand Bahama Island (Pelican Bay at Lucaya, Sea Horse Road at Port Lucaya, Lucaya) is one of those places it is difficult to find fault with. First of all, if you are looking to be married next to turquoise waters but without the nightmare of sand, then this is your destination. Pelican Bay know what brides coming to the Bahamas want: naturally beauty without the practical problems. That’s why they have a special wedding area which means you get married next to the sea without the problem of sand! Perfect! The gazebo in which you are married furthermore is extremely close to your rooms which means that there will be no long and bumpy rides during your wedding. Finally, this location is able to seat up to one hundred guests which is a great size: big enough to have your families present at your special day, but still not too big that you can’t call it intimate.

Unique and in the Bahamian Style

Meanwhile, if you are more interested in a cultural experience of the true Bahamas at your wedding, consider this particularly interesting wedding venue, Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbor (West End, Grand Bahama Island) is one of these wonderful venues which know that brides want a unique and interesting wedding, designed exactly to their wants, needs and requirements. On an interesting note, this venue does not have wedding packages for that very reason: they want to give brides total freedom on what they would like to have, thus maintaining individuality. The Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbor have a personalized wedding service and only cater to one wedding at a time on their premises: thus you can be sure that you will be a number one priority on your wedding day!

Fisherman’s Friend

Blue Marlin Cove (West End, Grand Bahama Cove) is an excellent wedding venue if you or anyone close in your family is a big fisherman or if you are interested in fishing yourself. If you are not interested in fishing, it nonetheless is still an excellent place to get married. Designed by fisherman, this venue is particularly excellent as it has a range of services and facilities which you, as a bride and bridal party have full access to. First of all, in the center of the facility there are two amazing pools which look out on to beautiful ocean views.  One particularly amazing aspect of this venue, Blue Marlin Cove, is that it has a spa. Just imagine, you, your mum and your sisters or female cousins having massages, sitting in a Jacuzzi both before and after your big day. How more relaxed could one be on one’s wedding day with a bubble pool and massage service? With the option of having your wedding outside on the beach and personalized dining service too from their own chefs in the kitchen, it will be difficult to say no to this fisherman friendly venue!

Watersporting, Energetic and Enthusiastic

Sunrise Resort and Marina (#208 Kelly Court and Knotts Blvd, Freeport, Grand Bahama) is a venue which knows how to help a bride with a wedding. First of all it is a beautiful resort with ocean views and thrilling scenery. It also has a range of water sporting activities for you and your family to take part in. From diving, deep sea fishing, bone fishing, horse riding, golfing, bird watching and sightseeing there are a range of activities for you and your bridal party to take part in. Furthermore, this venue has a range of rooms to suit any party of guests. From beautiful, see-view doubles to beds catering for singles as well, this venue has it all covered when it comes to your wedding!

 So whether you are after a idyllic and quiet wedding or if you are after a more energetic and fun-filled wedding, Grand Bahama has it covered for you, your and your wedding party.

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