Fredericksburg Bridal Show at Riverside Center | Prize Drawing Results Are In!

We had a wonderful time at today’s Bridal Show!  A big THANK YOU for all the beautiful ladies who entered our special little drawing, and stopped to say hi to us!  We hope you enjoyed the show, and were able to connecty with some great vendors.  🙂


For the results, we have selected at random our winners!  (I had a little help from my little “minion” who asked me very excitedly if he could “close eyes, do draw pleeeease?”  😀  How could I say no.  😉  He loves being a part of our business, and it’s so much more fun to do contests with an adorable 3 year old, right?  hehe.



1ST PRIZE:  Laurie M. (wedding date:  September 27, 2014)

2ND PRIZE:  Alicia C. (wedding date:  August 29, 2015)

WILDCARDS (5):  Jessica S. (8-1-15), Angela Y. (10/4/14), Brittany M. (12/13/14), Brenna C. (4/25/15), and Alicia L. (9/6/14)



Thanks again for participating in our little fun drawing!  I hope to still talk with each of you on how we can serve you best!  Looking forward to coffee!  😉



♥  Sara Roney



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