Emeka & Natalie Engagement Portraits | Oldetown Alexandria Photography

Emeka & Natalie are engaged!  

Aren’t these two lovebirds just so stinking adorable?  ♥  We had a lot of fun just walking around downtown Alexandria and taking pictures!  They made my job as the Photographer easy by just being flexible and relaxed throughout the shoot.  🙂  It was a gorgeous overcast day, so the sun wasn’t in our eyes… and the temperature wasn’t unbearably hot, that was nice.  We even decided to grab an ice cream which added a nice #sweetending to the day.  🙂  AND of course, being right next to the water was pretty awesome too.


Emeka is a Photographer himself, so it’s a big honor for me as a Photographer to be picked to do their special romantic portraits, and even more an honor to cover their wedding coming up in July!  They were both a joy to work with, and you can just tell that he is so respectful, gentle, and loving towards her.  I know he’ll take amazing care of her!  ♥


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