With all its numerous historic landmarks and popular filming locations, the fascinating views of Georgetown can be appreciated the most with An entertainment and commercial district, Georgetown is one of the best representations of a historic neighborhood. A very popular location, the captivating beauty of Georgetown makes it a very memorable place to visit, not to mention its interesting parks, historical landmarks, and other impressive tourist attractions. It is indeed filled with many great locations to take graduation and wedding photographs.

Georgetown, Washington DC-A True Haven of Breathtaking Photo Sites

Georgetown is not only considered popular for its many historic landmarks but is also known for some of its notable residents. The Oak Hill Cemetery, Healy Hall, City Tavern Club and the Volta Bureau are just some of the historic landmarks that are worth visiting. Madeleine Albright, John Kerry, Elizabeth Taylor, John F. Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson are among the famous residents of Georgetown. In addition to the famous historical tourist attractions, Georgetown has also been a favorite filming location of some of the popular movies since the 1970s, the most popular of which was the film entitled “The Exorcist” in 1973. Other films include “Transformers” in 2007, “Wedding Crashers” in 2005, “Election” in 1999, “True Lies” in 1994, “Chances Are” in 1989, “St. Elmo’s Fire” in 1985 and a lot more. What else, some of the scenes of “The West Wing” TV series were occasionally filmed in Georgetown as well. With such an interesting feature and characteristic, Georgetown has a lot to offer when it comes to providing the most unique and entertaining views every professional photographer is looking for.

Georgetown is filled with sites that have an interesting history

As an important district in Washington DC, Georgetown’s history is worth knowing. Its history is depicted in the historic homes, buildings and other attractions located in the area. Indeed, Rome was not built in a day and it is also true for Georgetown. Many of the district’s historic landmarks, gardens, parks and other buildings took many years and even decades to complete and have stood the test of time that until now they remain as the town’s pride and are still frequented by many tourists from around the world. These beautiful attractions provide a one-of-a-kind experience for the visitors and those who choose to use them as venues to celebrate any special event in their lives, and so every Georgetown posh restaurants, hotels and any of the tourist attractions are often hosts to a variety of important events. Thus, professional photography services are always in demand in this area.

The place everyone would love to visit

Surrounded by the famous Georgetown University, the Potomac River and Rock Creek Park, Georgetown is an excellent location to visit.  Since Georgetown is a very significant place in Washington DC, all visitors and even the locals are always seen carrying a camera or a smartphone camera wherever they go around the Georgetown area. Hiring a professional shooter is also common in the place as there are indeed many awesome events and locations to capture while you are touring the area. With all its attractive tourist attractions, Georgetown is definitely a wonderful sight to behold. What else, the embassies of Ukraine, Thailand, Sweden, Mongolia and France are found in Georgetown. Thus, it is not uncommon to see many tourists from these countries or any part of the globe taking photos of whatever delights their eyes during their visit to the place.

Georgetown is the perfect haven for those who love to try almost anything that fancies them as this place has so many things to offer every visitor. The high-end shops and fashion stores in the area are always filled with local shoppers and tourists all-year round. Although shopping particularly interests the younger customers, there are a plethora of antique stores and boutiques for the young and old alike.  The popular outdoor waterfront restaurants and bars offer a great view of boat racing events. You can do so many things in the area that a week-long stay is never enough.

There is an endless list of activities that everyone can enjoy in the welcoming district of Georgetown. Even while you are strolling along the side streets you can take photos of architecture of the 1700s. Those who enjoy ice skating can truly have a blast at the Washington Harbour Ice Rink. For the cupcake and cookie lovers, there are special stores to visit and try the luscious assorted treats. For those who love a little adventure on the water, they can rent canoes or kayaks and have some fun on the water all day long if they like or go sightseeing as they ride on a river boat. There are several fine dining restaurants where the food lovers can enjoy their favorite cuisine. What’s more, the numerous running clubs in the neighborhood are a fun way to get active and meet a lot of people. In addition to these running clubs, visitors can also enjoy the celebrity tours, food tours and walking tours the district offers to all those who are interested in any of these activities. With the so many recreation activities to do and great places to go, Georgetown makes an excellent location for any type of celebration or gathering, from reunions and simple affairs to conferences and grand weddings. Thus, it is quite common to see many different people taking pictures while exploring the area or when celebrating an important event in their lives.

Overall, Georgetown’s views and sites possess an extraordinary quality, making them an excellent location for picture taking. These are perfect places for everyone to celebrate an important occasion, be it their wedding, engagement, anniversaries or while they are just spending time with the whole family or friends. There is absolutely a special view or location where every visitor would cherish and every professional photographer would love to use as a backdrop.

Five picture-perfect locales for photographs in Georgetown, Washington DC

Georgetown is one of the most beautiful areas in Washington DC. This means whether you are visiting a museum, enjoying at a park, strolling along a historic site or exploring the area, you can always find something great about it and will surely take photos of it or make it as a backdrop for any type of photo, be it for weddings, graduations, family gatherings, reunions or any important events. While there is an endless list of places worth photographing and visiting in Georgetown, here are five of the most special locations that make good backdrops for wedding portraits, family photos or just any kind of picture.

Healy Hall

The pride of Georgetown University, the Healy Hall was constructed from 1877-79. It got its name from Patrick F. Healy, the first university president at the time the building was constructed. Designed by the brilliant architects John L. Smithmeyer and Paul J. Pelz, the Healy Hall is considered as a National Historic Landmark and is also featured in the National Register of Historic Places. The building gained national attention when it was featured in the 1973 film entitled “The Exorcist” and again in 1990 in the “The Exorcist III.” This historic building houses the administrative and academic offices. The grand Gaston Hall and the impressive Riggs Library are also located in this Hall. The Gaston Hall has hosted a great number of world leaders.  What could be more interesting than taking pictures right at the place used for the film? This building makes a great backdrop for graduation photos of those that include students whose majors are related to filmmaking or arts.

Dumbarton House

A Federal-style dwelling, the Dumbarton House was finished around 1800. It was first occupied by its builder, Samuel Jackson. Jackson along with his family lived in this house only for a very short period of time and it was soon owned by the USA. In 1804, this property was sold at an auction and was bought by the first Register of the US Treasury, Joseph Nourse. In 1813, it was bought by Charles Carroll of Belle Vue, President James Madison and the First Lady’s friend who welcomed her to this House when the White House was set on fire by the British troops on August 24, 1814.

Since the time it was constructed it became a private abode until it was purchased and named the Dumbarton House in 1928 by the NSCDA (National Society of Colonial Dames of America) with an aim of preserving it and converting it into a house museum and using it as the Colonial Dames’ headquarters.  A very significant building, the Dumbarton House represents the life during the early period of Georgetown. A perfect example of federal-era architecture, the house museum features 18th to 19th century ceramics, silver, textiles, furniture, paintings and other decorative arts that were used and made during the formative years of the Republic.

Today, the Dumbarton House still serves as the NSCDA’s headquarters and offers self-guided and guided tours, including some cultural events, lectures, concerts and special exhibitions. It is available for corporate or private events. Can accommodate between 150 and 200 guests, it also provides an intimate and historic venue for regal receptions, parties, weddings, meetings and teas. The Dumbarton House makes an elegant setting for weddings photos, engagement portraits, reunion pictures and a lot more!

Dumbarton Oaks

A historic estate, Dumbarton Oaks is one of Georgetown’s prized historic landmarks and is considered as the “home of the Humanities.” This estate was owned by Robert Woods Bliss and Mildred Barnes Bliss, the couple who devoted their time and effort into the development and beautification of this property-a residence with well-manicured gardens. The gardens especially make a perfect location for photos that include nature and a wide variety of flowers and trees. The Bliss couple founded in this estate the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection and gave it to Harvard University in 1940. This research institute has served to support scholarships in landscape architecture, garden design, Pre-Columbian and Byzantine studies particularly through its various research fellowships, publications, exhibitions and meetings. Researchers visit to study its documents, images, objects and books. Dumbarton Oaks is open to those who wish to explore and learn the many facets of knowledge imbedded in every corner of this historic gem. The visitors can enjoy and appreciate its picturesque Gardens, which were designed by the prominent Beatrix Farrand; its grand Music Room, which hosts concerts and lectures; and its Museum, which is known for its world-class art collections. This historical landmark makes an awesome backdrop for engagement photographs, wedding portraits or graduation pictures of those that include students of arts or design.

Georgetown Waterfront Park

With picture-perfect views, the Waterfront Park makes a perfect site for capturing images of fun and excitement as this new park is frequented by family and friends who gather together to celebrate some of their special events or just to relax and unwind. A multi-purpose urban park and the largest one in Washington DC, the Waterfront Park starts from 31st Street, NW and ends at Key Bridge. After decades of fundraising and advocacy, it was completed and opened to the public in 2011. It has varied design elements that include scenic overlooks, river stairs and a fountain.  Some of its features include shade trees, grass hills and a promenade. Its promenade provides interesting views of the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge and Theodore Roosevelt Island. With these views alone, the park makes a unique setting for wedding photos or engagement portraits as well.

Old Stone House

Another historic landmark that offers a very good backdrop for wedding photos or engagement portraits, this house is considered as Washington DC’s oldest building that was built in 1765. It is an excellent representation of the architecture during the Revolutionary War period and is also a true representation of what is known as vernacular architecture. The original house was only a one-story structure and was owned by the Layman couple. In 1767, when Rachel Layman remarried 2 years after she became a widow, she sold the property to Cassandra Chew, also a widow. Chew was a wealthy widow and was able to finance the expansion of the house up to the 3rd floor. In 1807, Chew died and the ownership of the house was transferred to Mary Smith Brumley, one of Chew’s daughters.  The house was then used by Brumley as a place for business. It had served as a business locale for house painting, house roofing, clockmakers, locksmiths, tailors and hats before it finally became a dealership for used cars.  It was owned by private residents until the 1950s when the NPC (National Park Service) renovated and converted it into a house museum with a garden. Today, every visitor to the house is guided by park rangers as they tour around the house. The visitors can see the bedrooms, parlor and kitchen and buy some gift items at the gift shop located inside the house. This historic home makes an ideal place for traditional wedding ceremonies that can be held at its garden, which also serves as a perfect spot for tourists and locals to rest or enjoy their lunch break.

Why Visit?

Georgetown is filled with awesome views and backdrops for graduation photos, wedding pictures or family portraits that only a professional photographer can perfectly capture. Roneyfield Photography has all the outstanding qualities of a professional photographer and knows how to capture your best moments wherever you choose to create your own great memories and history in Georgetown.

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