Burke Virginia

Burke Virginia- A Perfect Venue for All Types of Occasions

When it comes to the interesting activities and sights you can enjoy in Burke, we can make sure to provide only the best pictures to capture such memories. The many different impressive tourist attractions you can see in the area always make perfect venues for our photo sessions, be it a wedding, graduation or any other special event in your life. With Burke’s historical sites, interesting parks and golf center, you will never run out of options when it comes to picture taking. We can take the best shots at the best locations in the area to make your special event a memorable one.

Among other areas in Virginia, Burke is also considered as an important part of Virginia. Therefore, it is no wonder that many people prefer to celebrate their weddings or any special day in their lives in Burke. Through the passage of time, Burke has undergone certain major developments. These major developments include Burke Center. A planned community, Burke Center comprises of 5 separate subcommunities such as The Woods, The Ponds, The Oaks, The Landings and The Commons. In addition to these subcommunities, Burke also has some known communities that include Cherry Run, Crownleigh, Signal Hill, Lake Braddock, Edgewater, Burke Lake Meadows, Lakepointe, Burke Village 1 & 2 and Rolling Valley West. Certainly, we have taken many beautiful pictures in the various attractions located in these areas through the years. We can help capture your wonderful moments in these communities as well.

Burke has a special charm of its own

We agree that indeed there are special locations in Burke that are just right for any occasion or photo shoot. Burke also has some outstanding hotels and restaurants that do not only provide excellent accommodation and food but also offer a stunning backdrop for any small or big event in your life such as reunions, parties, engagements, weddings and any other gathering. It does not matter whether you are a local or a visitor to the area, we can definitely help preserve your cherished memories in Burke. You can select a restaurant or any hotel for your wedding ceremony and reception, and you can rest assured that we can capture every moment of your big day celebration, from the very significant part of your wedding to the smallest details of your big day.

Burke is an excellent place to make great memories

Burke is conveniently located nearby other interesting cities such as Springfield, Lorton, Fairfax, Clifton and Annandale. Due to this location, Burke is always frequented by visitors from its nearby cities to have fun or celebrate a special event in their lives as well. The special events such as the Pumpkin Playground, the fall festival or any other exciting event in Burke draw many different people from various places. Locals and tourists especially hire our photography services to capture their fun and best events in the area.

Just like any developed city in Virginia, Burke takes pride in what it can offer its visitors year in and year out. Whatever you wish to do in Burke, whether you prefer to have a shopping spree, go see your favorite movie, experience a distinct culture, play your favorite sport, dine at one of the finest restaurants or stay at a very luxurious hotel, you will definitely have a great time. On the other hand, if you are celebrating your wedding, engagement, baby’s christening, graduation or having a reunion, you will surely find a great venue in Burke. Venues can include parks, restaurants, hotels, churches and historical buildings to name a few. Whatever kind of celebration you are planning to have or wherever you wish to hold your celebration, we will definitely help you create wonderful memories as we capture those cherished moments in your life.

In a nutshell, with all its remarkable attractions and landmarks, Burke makes a perfect venue for all types of gatherings, reunions, parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Burke offers fantastic views and backdrops to all types of photography we have covered from all parts of the region. We would like to share with you some of the most outstanding venues we have covered. Below is a list of some of these venues:

Burke Lake Park

We recommend Burke Lake Park to those who wish to unwind on a weekend or even after work on weekdays. This popular park is frequented by young and old people. With its relaxing atmosphere and numerous attractions, this park stands out among the parks in the region. For the nature lovers, this park will definitely delight their senses. Visitors to this excellent park will enjoy many different activities such as camping, boating, playing golf and fishing among other things.  The park features an exciting miniature train, an amphitheater, trails, playgrounds, volleyball courts, a mini golf, a campground and a whole lot more! The park’s features offer great opportunities for us to take pictures of the many visitors who ask our photography services.


What a great way it is to hold your reception in a restaurant that serves many great-tasting cuisines such as Italian, Greek and American! The second most popular restaurant in Burke, Spartan’s is great for the whole family. Whether you take your kids or your senior citizen loved ones with you, you can rest assured that they will definitely find something they like. This popular restaurant prepares scrumptious meals such as pizza, lasagna, steak, rice pudding, gyro, etc. for diners in all age groups. Serving delicious breakfast every Sunday and Saturday, Spartan’s makes a great choice for weekend breakfast gatherings of the whole family or friends as well. What’s more, we consider this wonderful restaurant as a perfect location for family photos or casual gatherings.

Lake Braddock

Another interesting lake in Burke that we believe will definitely provide a scenic backdrop to any important memorable occasion in your life is Lake Braddock. Offering a fascinating train ride during the Christmas season, this is especially a very popular attraction among the kids. You will never get bored once you visit Lake Braddock since you can do various things at this wonderful lake. Activities you can enjoy at Lake Braddock include strolling around, riding on the Christmas train, playing Frisbee, jogging and riding bikes to name a few. For the nature lovers, this place is an ideal location to feel the cool breeze and enjoy nature in the city area. Also a perfect place to bring your kids to play, this lake has a playground where they can play all day long. What’s more, you can get the chance to see turtles up close or witness how geese swim as you enjoy a picnic with your friends or family at this lovely lake. Thus, this lake offers a very interesting view for some candid picture taking or our planned photo sessions.

Burke Station Park

We also enjoy taking photos of our subjects at Burke Station Park particularly in the fall season when it really looks so beautiful. This park also makes a relaxing location for those who are simply looking for some recreation together with their families and friends. Featuring a playground, this park is a favorite place of many kids. This is one of those places where we can truly capture the pure joy and sheer excitement of kids as we take pictures of their happy faces while they are playing and having fun at this popular park. While you are at the park, you can either take a leisure walk around the area or hike the trails. If you love sports, you will absolutely enjoy a match as you play basketball or tennis along with your friends or family members during your stay at this interesting park.

Beijing Tokyo

For some Asian-style reception or theme wedding, we are proud to join you as we take good shots of the great memories you make with your loved ones and friends at Beijing Tokyo. You will absolutely love the extensive list of Japanese and Chinese cuisines at this superb Asian restaurant. As one of the top 8 restaurants in Burke, you can expect to eat tasty and fresh food. A clean restaurant with a modern setting, Beijing Tokyo does not only provide very delicious Asian food but also offers excellent customer service. With a great ambience, Beijing Tokyo is a wonderful restaurant where you can proudly take your visitors from abroad or another town to dine at. Offering great-tasting lunch, late lunch dinner and late dinner meals, Beijing Tokyo serves almost any Asian food you can think of or have not tried yet. Whether you are new to the place or it is your second time around, you will always love all the food it serves especially the steamed dumplings, crispy chicken, sesame chicken, General Tso’s chicken and sushi! If you wish to try some great-tasting Asian noodle or hot soup menu, this Asian restaurant is the perfect place to get a good serving of your favorite hot soup dish as well. Popular for its large servings, this cozy Asian-setting restaurant also makes an ideal eating place for the whole family and a large group of friends!

With all its wonderful destinations, great food, splendid accommodations and many different activities, it is not surprising why Burke never runs out of visitors who visit the region to celebrate some of the important events in their lives and create some wonderful memories. With all our skills and talent, we make an effort to help you preserve these events and wonderful memories in every picture we take.

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