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Photographer Spotlights Arlington, Virginia, With Great Images

When it comes to the dramatic skylines of Arlington’s famed neighborhoods and Washington, D.C. sites, the best way to enjoy the view is with In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that Arlington County may be the smallest by land area in the country, but one of the fastest growing communities. Arlington is best enjoyed when visiting the wonderful city parks, historical centers and monuments. There are some great spots to take wedding and graduation photographs.

For instance, Arlington has been dubbed an “urban village” for good reason with communities that include: Aurora Heights, Williamsburg Circle, Clarendon, Ballston, Rosslyn, Shirlington and Westover. The region also features the famed Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, the Pentagon and dozens of other historical places that really lend itself to capturing memories with a professional photographer helping to make it all possible.

Arlington is picture perfect

Another aspect of making lasting memories with professional photography services is linked to capturing the fun with images of people celebrating their lives at area landmarks, museum and other great sites in the Arlington area. For instance, there is a view that great photos are always being made in this lively county that is alive with both American history and happy locals. While many of Arlington Country’s classic neighborhoods are featured in the National Register of Historic Places, photographers say an image in front of one of these wonders really brings the history to life. For instance, the local economy is built around the local tourism and hospitality industry. Thus, Arlington has become the place to enjoy a wedding reception, special party or just to take images for family and friends.

Great memories made in Arlington

Arlington is justifiably boastful when it comes to being conveniently located near Washington, D.C. Because of this excellent location, and reputation as a center for American history, visitors to Arlington are reminded to carry a camera or smartphone camera or, better yet, hire a professional shooter to capture all the many exciting and fun events and tourism hot spots that this community has to offer. Whether visiting Northern Virginia or the nation’s capital, Arlington is the place to go for great picture taking amongst so many super amenities to make a visit to the area a lasting and enjoyable memory.

Arlington also features one of the top travel and tourism centers in the nation, with top shopping centers, restaurants and plenty of local arts, culture and entertainment. In addition, there is an almost endless offering of sports and recreation activities happening daily in the region. The world-class offerings are to be enjoyed and shared; while taking family photos during a vacation or when celebrating a special event is always on in Arlington. There are numerous online testimonials from both visitors and locals who comment about “having some awesome photos taken in Arlington,” or “this place is so picture perfect.”

Overall, the Arlington County landmarks have the makings for some super photographs that just make this area all the more special.

Six great locales for photos in Arlington, VA

Arlington County is one of the most picturesque areas in Northern Virginia and while there are many spots worth visiting and photographing, these five make especially good backdrops for family portraits or wedding-related photography.

Arlington National Cemetery

Probably the most famous landmark in Arlington County, Arlington National Cemetery consists of 624 acres of rolling hillsides dotted with monuments and headstones. The land where the cemetery is located originally belonged to George Washington’s adopted grandson, George Washington Parke Custis, and later came to belong to Mary Anna Randolph Custis. She married Robert E. Lee and they lived together on the plantation until events during the Civil War forced them to vacate the property, and it eventually came to be property of the U.S. government. The first soldiers were buried here in 1864 (reportedly right in the middle of Mrs. Lee’s prized rose bushes) and thousands of fallen warriors have joined them ever since.

Despite its somber background, Arlington National Cemetery is a place of unique beauty, filled with scenic landscapes and peaceful vistas. While not a place for, say, goofy bachelorette party photos (it is an active cemetery where burials are held every day), it can be a classy backdrop for more dignified photography such as for wedding couples and family reunions. It can be an especially meaningful background for family or wedding photographs that include current or former military personnel.

Besides the actual cemetery, there are numerous memorials and landmarks located at Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington House, the original home of Robert E. Lee and his wife and which dates back to 1778, was never demolished when the estate was converted to a military cemetery. So that the mansion’s inhabitants could enjoy nice views of the plantation, when it was built, it was set on a high point of the property. Because of this, the elegant house can be appreciated in the background of photos taken from many different spots in the cemetery.

In addition to Arlington House, there are literally dozens of other memorials and monuments in or near the cemetery that would make for beautiful photographs. Two that stand out are the Women in Military Service Memorial, located at the Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery and the iconic Marine Corps War Memorial, also known as the Iwo Jima Memorial. Arlington Memorial Bridge and some of the monuments in Washington D.C. can be seen from a distance while at the cemetery, so it is possible to incorporate them as well into any photos taken.

Fort C.F. Smith Park

This lush 19 acre park can make a great backdrop for wedding or engagement photography. Fort C.F. Smith was originally built during the Civil War by the Union Army to extend the Arlington defenses to the Potomac River. This explains the earthwork ruins that can be seen at the park to this day. However, originally the area was just unspoiled forest and meadows. Since it is a park, landscaped gardens and walkways exist today and thus, the best of both worlds can be enjoyed here. The park is also the location of Hendry House, an elegant restored 20th century mansion with lovely front and side porches. It makes a great spot for picture taking.

Bon Air Park

The highlight of this 24 acre park, which features many different types of trees and flowers, is the beautiful Memorial Rose Garden. With over a hundred varieties of roses planted here, there are bound to always be some in bloom, though early summer is the best time to capture these. There are rose-covered trellises along walkways which make lovely settings for romantic photos. The park has other gardens as well and a stream running through it, so there are options for more family-oriented photos with kids and even pets.

Lady Bird Johnson Park

Technically this is an island, Columbia Island, but it was renamed Lady Bird Johnson Park in 1968. Extensive landscaping was then done, and today it is dotted with dogwood trees, tulips and daffodils. When these are in bloom, staging beautiful photos here is a snap. This is also the home of the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial, another nice sculpture to include in the background of photos. It is also possible to include the Arlington Memorial Bridge, as it can easily be viewed from here.

Arlington Historical Museum

The Arlington Historical Society is currently housed in this two-story brick structure which was originally the Hume School. It is a lovely Queen Anne-style building constructed in 1891. It functioned as a public school until the 1950s and today is listed on both the National Register of Historic Sites and the list of Virginia State Historical Landmarks. Arlington County is filled with older dwellings like this one. When used as locales for photography, they help highlight the area’s rich architectural history. Because it is a former school, it would be a great context for graduation photographs.

A skilled professional photographer will know how to best take full advantage of the gorgeous locations available in the Arlington County area. We are here to help create and preserve those special memories.  Please take a moment and contact us today.

Top Of The Town

Top of the Town is a place that I’ve been to several times for shooting weddings.  It has great views and a great staff and is one of the most popular wedding venues in all of Arlington.  They fill up fast for wedding reservations so do not delay long if you are looking to have a rooftop-style wedding ceremony and/or reception.  😉

Here are some special pictures from the Top of the Town.

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