Annandale Virginia

With its wonderful sights of nature especially at its numerous parks, Annandale is one of those places where you can best appreciate nature. Annandale scenic views look even more wonderful when they are captured in some nice engagement or family photography. Named after a village in Scotland, Annandale has a diverse population with a distinct history, excellent dining and welcoming parks. It has some interesting spots for wedding and graduation pictures.

Famous for its excellent dining, Annandale community serves various cuisines. Miso Café, Lighthouse Tofu, Yechon, Silverado’s, Honey Pig, Bon Chon Chicken and Casa D’ Mama are some of the popular names when it comes to Annandale dining. You can also see happy scenes of family and friends getting together in these famous restaurants. Aside from the scrumptious and sumptuous cuisines visitors can experience, Annandale is also known for the presence of many Korean shops and restaurants located in its downtown area otherwise known as “Koreatown.” Overall, there are around 67 restaurants and 929 businesses owned by Koreans in the area.  Before it used to be only a place for South Korean expats, but now Koreatown is also frequented by many people of various demographic backgrounds. Koreatown makes an entirely unique setting in Annandale any professional photography would definitely use a backdrop for an Asian-style wedding photos or just for taking pictures of visitors from across the country or abroad.

Where the best shots are taken

Other great opportunities for photographers to make the most out of the views and scenes in Annandale is by capturing the fun and excitement shared by the locals and visitors as they  visit the many beautiful parks, cultural and horticultural centers in the Annandale area. There are lots of picture perfect views to capture while you are in Annandale. Thus, it is not uncommon to see most visitors carry their cameras as they roam around the area and take pictures of views and sights that appeal to them. Hiring a professional photographer is also a good idea so that every important moment in their visit is captured with precision and style. Hiring an expert photography service also means getting the most excellent view of the famous tourist attractions or best places the community has to offer.

Visitors to Annandale and its locals can also make some great memories out of the various entertainment, culture, local arts, restaurants, shopping centers present in the Annandale area. Additionally, recreation and sports are also part of the fun and activity while you are vacationing in this interesting place. The world-class hotels with fantastic customer service and excellent accommodations help make every guest feel at home while they are celebrating a significant event in their lives or simply going on a vacation. These hotel venues also make an ideal location for weddings, reunions and conferences. Their architectural designs and interior decorations definitely bring a touch of class and elegance to any event or occasion held in their premises, making them a perfect backdrop or spots for graduation photos, wedding portraits and group pictures as well as photos pertaining to some live performances or conferences.

Annandale Has Some Of The Best Parks In The Area

Your visit to Annandale is never complete without visiting any of its parks. The area is so blessed with abundance of nature that in almost any part of Annandale, you will see a park. Nature lovers are mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of its numerous parks. Such parks are scattered throughout the region. The Fairfax County Park Authority maintains some of its parks. Offering a wide range of activities and things to see, the parks in Annandale region offer endless relaxation and laughter to the visitors. They also make a remarkable location for taking family pictures and kids’ pictures with pets at some parks where they are allowed.  The popular parks in Annandale include Accotink Stream Valley Park, Indian Run Stream Valley Park, Rose Lane Park, Poe Terrace Park, Howery Field Park, Masonville Park, Fairfax Hills Park, Manassas Gap Park, Long Branch Falls Park, Valley Crest Park, Willow Woods Park, Backlick Park, Oak Hill Park, Camelot School Site Park, Pine Ridge High School Site Park, Canterbury Woods Park, Larchmont Park, Broyhill Crest Park, Wilburdale Park, Mill Creek Park, Kendale Woods Park, Ossian Hall Park, Annandale Community Park and Turkeycock Run Stream Valley Park.

In a nutshell, Annandale has a variety of interesting scenery and landmarks for creating the fantastic photographs.

Awesome venues for fantastic photos in Annandale, VA

Among the many superb parks to choose from and attractive tourist attractions, here are a few interesting locations in Annandale area that offer the most outstanding photography and experience in terms of relaxation, entertainment and fun.

Wakefield Park

This park is frequented by visitors from across the country and abroad or the locals for the various activities it can offer its visitors. Thus, this is a favorite photography spot of photographers as it offers interesting views of family gatherings and lots of fun. It has tennis courts, hiking/walking trails as well as soccer, softball, and baseball fields. Mountain bikers use its hiking trails and the park is a famous host to several biking events all year round.

Wakefield Park has a recreational center popularly known as the Audrey Moore Recreation Center (its former name was the Wakefield RECenter). There are over forty group fitness classes offered by the RECenter each week. The RECenter has an indoor pool, which usually attracts many visitors especially during the summer. Its natatorium has an outdoor sundeck, spectator seating and locker rooms equipped with showers and saunas. Visitors can also enjoy different sports in its gymnasium equipped for volleyball and basketball. What’s more, there are three multi-purpose activity rooms, arts and crafts room, dance room, a senior center and cycle studio in the RECenter. Aside from the Center, the Skate Park is another attraction of the park. This is particularly for children as it offers camps, BMX classes and skateboarding. This is a great opportunity for picture taking to preserve some special moments in every kid’s life.

Richard J. Ernst Cultural Center

This Center is a very popular and active center which houses 3 to 7 events daily, 365 days in a year. What a superb location for professional photography opportunities. With wide parking spaces, this Center can accommodate over 500 people. With versatile and comfortable meeting spaces, the Center has accessible, flexible, attractive and clean facilities with superb technological features. Equipped with a state-of-the-art theater, 525 seating, 2-story art gallery, exhibition hall, training rooms and meeting rooms, this place is excellent for all types of gatherings and occasions. It has a forum room that is wide enough for performances, dinner parties, hearings, receptions, conferences and lectures.   This Center truly offers a unique setting for graduation and wedding photos.

Mason District Park

This is one of the major parks in Annandale. This park is particularly for the children. Thus, this place is an ideal location for photos that include children’s entertainment and fun. Children can have as much fun as they want in the playing fields, tot lot and play ground. In addition, it also has a refreshment stand and a tennis court. In the summer, it holds 2 entertainment series for children, the Spotlight by Starlight and Arts in the Park. What’s more interesting about this children’s park is that the visitors to this park can see the Civil War sites in the area that include the Bailey’s Crossroads, Munson’s  Hill and Mason’s Hill.

Hidden Oaks Nature Center

This Nature Center can be found in the middle of Fairfax County. It features interactive stations which serve as an educational corner for the kids. Surrounded by woodland trails, a playground, gardens, creeks and woodland trails, this Nature Center is a fantastic spot for photos related to families and kids’ activities. It also includes a library, puppet stage and live animal displays. The visitors can have the chance to see various species of reptiles and amphibians.

Green Spring Gardens

If you want a more exciting and comprehensive view of nature, this location is the best place to be. This unique site is an inspiration for landscape designers and gardeners, an outdoor school for learning about wildlife and plants and also a historic site and a museum.  Every nook and cranny of this site is a favorite spot of every photographer. This is one sure place where the gardens change from time to time, so a one-time visit to this beautiful site is never enough.

Green Spring aims to advance the practice and awareness of gardening to all the visitors and the locals. The educational programs and gardens focus on the useful landscaping techniques suitable for the region. Green Spring has a library, horticulture center, historic buildings and landscape, ponds, stream valley and demonstration gardens which are open to all visitors from early morning to late afternoon. The 2 gift shops sell many different gift ideas, from gardening gloves and books to wind chimes and china. A truly great site for all ages, Green Spring will always have everything for everyone.

Wakefield Chapel

This history of this chapel started in 1899 when it was built. The land where it stands was donated by Oliver Besley, a sawmill owner in the local community. It was named after Rev. E. W. Wakefield, its 1st local preacher. It served as a church for the community until 1951. The Park Authority later preserved it for posterity. A perfect example of a Gothic structure, Wakefield Chapel has arched windows and clapboard sidings. It is used for weddings and other ceremonies and services. The 2 stained-glass windows, lovely pulpit and original pews are what make it a more classic setting for wedding portraits.

A photographer with a superb skill and talent definitely knows how to take the most beautiful photos in every fascinating site available in Annandale. Roneyfield Photography has all the expertise needed in a photographer to come up with the most outstanding pictures.

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