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Alexandria, Virginia-Wonderful Views and Sights

Speaking of the many interesting sights and wonderful views in Alexandria, Virginia, only has all the talents and skills to add a touch of magic in every view the town has to offer. A historic town, Alexandria has a lot of attractions for the locals and the tourists. With a great number of tourist attractions, Alexandria is a place where you can do so many things.  There is an endless list of monuments, historical sites, parks and other recreational locations to visit while you are in Alexandria. What’s more, this beautiful city has some awesome spots where you can take graduation and wedding photographs or any other portraits.

Alexandria’s historic center is referred to as the Old Town. Much the same as the Old Town, its neighborhoods are walkable, compact and are considered as Washington D.C.’s high-income suburbs as well. The area features the famed Huntley, Jones Point Light, Lyceum, Pope-Leighey House, Alexandria National Cemetery and other major historic sites that can evoke sentimental memories especially when it they are best captured by a professional photographer.

Alexandria is a place worth remembering

It is absolutely possible to create wonderful memories with the use of professional photography services through capturing the joy and excitement of people celebrating special events in their lives at the famous landmarks, parks, historic buildings and other fantastic locations in the Alexandria area. With its population consisting largely of the U.S. military professionals, federal civil service professionals or private company workers, Alexandria is considered as Virginia’s 7th biggest & highest-income city. Thus, Alexandria is host to many wedding receptions, special gatherings or any friends and family get-togethers.

Alexandria is a fascinating place to be

An independent city with a plethora of tourist spots, Alexandria is one of the places in Virginia where visitors come and go. Visitors can especially feel delight as they experience some of the grand and joyful city events which include holiday events, music and art festivals, parades and more! With its rich history and culture as well as great amenities, Alexandria is an excellent location for picture taking. That’s why every visitor to the city is always seen carrying a smartphone camera or a camera so that every beautiful spot and view is captured instantly. A professional photographer is also needed by those who want to have their picture taken with style and in a more precise manner as well as to capture in more detail every exciting event in their lives and the tourist hot spots the area has to offer.

Aside from the many historic spots it features, Alexandria also boasts its numerous fine dining and casual restaurants, antique shops, boutiques, souvenir shops and jewelry stores. It also features a great number of entertainment and sightseeing ideas, local arts, recreation activities, sports and a lot more. The music lovers particularly are drawn to the famous Birchmere Music Hall, which the town takes pride in. It features popular artists in town and from abroad who perform many different types of music such as gospel, rock, jazz or folk. The Little Theatre of Alexandria is a very interesting location for those who love the theatrical. The visitors also mostly take pleasure in the various tours the city offers such as the historic walking tours, ghost tours, horse-drawn carriage rides and Potomac River cruises. Indeed, there is no doubt that once you set foot on the land of Alexandria, you can just enjoy so many things such as taking pictures of your favorite sites while celebrating a memorable event or simply touring the area with your friends and family or just by yourself.

Alexandria landmarks and the city itself are an ideal place for any type of photography. With their natural beauty or historic feel, all important locations and tourist spots in Alexandria are worth the shot either of amateur hands or a professional shooter.

Alexandria consists of many interesting locations that can offer the best backdrop for wedding photos, graduation pictures, family portraits or just any photo representing all the excitement and fun of any activity done in Alexandria. Although Alexandria is filled with awesome spots that are worth photographing or visiting, here are some of the most interesting locations frequented by the young and old alike or by locals or visitors from the neighboring areas or abroad.

Interesting Alexandria attractions for everyone


A historic building in Alexandria, the Lyceum was first built to serve as a lecture hall and later as an American Civil War hospital. It also became a dwelling place and later became an office building. Today, it is named as Alexandria’s history museum. Located near many restaurants, shops, historic sites and other important museums, the Lyceum hosts all kinds of activities in the city. Many functions are held at this museum usually after it is closed in the evening or during its open hours. It has a lecture hall, gift shop and exhibition galleries. The Lecture Hall area is available for lectures, concerts, recitals, receptions, meetings and weddings. The Hall is elegantly furnished with upholstered armchairs, rose-colored draperies and wall-to-wall carpeting. With such embellishments, the place becomes a superb location for special event photos, graduation portraits or wedding pictures.

Carlyle House

Completed in 1753, this historic mansion located in Alexandria was built by John Carlyle, a Scottish merchant, for Sarah Fairfax of Belvoir, his bride. Considered as among the grandest mansions in Alexandria, the House became Alexandria’s center of political and social life and became a very significant location in history when it was made as the British General Braddock’s headquarters in 1755. Built with unique architecture, the House is the only 18th century stone, Palladium-style mansion in Alexandria. This house offers daily house tours, lectures, exhibits, special events and programs for schoolchildren and more. With its well-manicured gardens that are great backdrops for wedding photos, the House looks even more marvelous in the evenings when it is open for weddings and private functions.

Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site

This is another historic spot in Alexandria which can create an ideal backdrop for weddings or engagements that include the military personnel. This historic fort educates the visitors about the military engineering during the Civil War period. The Museum is a perfect representation of the history of the site. It also features Civil War exhibits, living history activities, bus tours, video series, lecture, tours, interpretative programs and education. It also displays artifacts that include photographs, musical instruments, surgeon’s tools, military equipment, weapons, letters, diaries and uniforms. It also features a film that contains historical information. There is no other place in Alexandria where its role as an important Union Army crossroad, an occupied city and the daily life of the civilian and soldiers at the time of the American Civil War are clearly interpreted than at this site. The visitors can buy postcards, books and other interesting items at the site’s gift shop.

Fort Ward Park

This park is where the Fort Ward Museum is located. This 41.4 acre park that was once used as a fort to protect Washington D.C. in the Civil War years will definitely make a great subject for photos depicting the images of American history. As you walk around the park you will get to see reconstructed quarters, underground bombproofs and cannons. It includes 2 shelters, 2 picnic areas, a dog area, a playground and a boat ramp available to the public. There are 8 picnic sites each for the upper and lower picnic areas that are accessible by car and bicycle or foot, respectively. From the park you can see the beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains and Rich Passage. The visitors to the park can also enjoy a great variety of marine wildlife, which always creates an interesting subject for any professional photographer or shutterbug visitors. In addition to the marine wildlife attraction, the park features some special events that include the Revolutionary War and Civil War re-enactments as well as live musical performances. Park visitors also do their favorite activities such as scuba diving, bird watching and clam digging. Other common activities the visitors enjoy while spending their time at this lovely park include bicycling, walking, jogging, going on a picnic, fishing and boating.

Lee-Fendall House

Another historic home in the city, the Lee-Fendall House is now converted into a house museum. The Lee family with 37 members owned and occupied this house from 1785 to 1903. From 1863 to 1865, this became a place of comfort for a considerable number of convalescing soldiers. From 1903 until 1937, it was occupied by the Downham family. Later, from 1937 to 1969, this was inhabited by John L. Lewis, the controversial and influential labor leader. So that its historic and architectural value is preserved it was converted into a museum. Considered as a significant Virginia historic landmark, this house represents the American and Virginian history. An awesome historic site with well-maintained gardens, this house makes for a perfect traditional wedding setting and can also be used as an ideal location for other social affairs. This site especially creates a lovely backdrop not only for wedding photographs but also for engagement photos as well as graduation photos.

George Washington Masonic Memorial

Built in the 1920s to honor George Washington, the first US President, this Memorial is patterned after Egypt’s Lighthouse of Alexandria. Your tour to Alexandria is not complete without including this magnificent building in your itinerary. This elegant architecture displays a remarkable collection of President Washington artifacts and a17-ft bronze statue built in memory of him. This structure is also used as a meeting site, banquet hall, concert hall, performing arts center, community center, library and research center. This interesting tourist attraction provides the best setting for elegant and formal photos and important social affair photographs.

Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Center offers a great view of the Potomac River and is surrounded by shops, residences, restaurants, public parks, and a marina, making it a fantastic backdrop for maritime wedding photography or those pictures that include the maritime personnel.  A former munitions storage site and torpedo factory, the Center now attracts a large number of visitors every year. It consists of 3 floors with 2 workshops, 6 galleries and 84 working studios. The Center has around 165 professional artists who create varied artworks, from sculpture, printmaking, fiber, stained glass, jewelry, photography, ceramics, pottery and painting.  The visitors are allowed to watch the artists at work and they can even ask them about their work. This popular tourist location has many unique decorative items and gifts intended to embellish the home. The 6 galleries it houses include the Scope Gallery (ceramics), Multiple Exposures Gallery (photography), Enamelists Gallery, Art League Gallery and Target Gallery.

Only the expertise of a professional photographer can make the already fascinating attractions in Alexandria look even more amazing in the pictures. Roneyfield Photography has all the knowledge and skills to capture your special memories in the most amazing way.

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