Rockville Maryland

With all its captivating beauty and interesting tourist attractions, Rockville’s breathtaking views can be mostly appreciated with Rockville is an awesome tourist destination that is considered important for its high-tech industries, historic towns and rolling hills. It is Maryland’s 3rd biggest incorporated city. Tourists can experience many different things as they visit the welcoming parks, interesting sites and famous attractions in the Rockville area. There are many lovely locations where you can best take wedding photos, graduation pictures or engagement portraits.

Widely considered as the “Little Taipei,” Rockville consists of a large number of Taiwanese immigrants. Thus, Taiwanese/Chinese businesses become part of its economy. It also has its own upscale and middle class residential areas and some of the major companies’ headquarters are located in Rockville. Goodwill Industries, Bethesda Softworks, United States Pharmacopeia, Westat, Emergent BioSolutions, Choice Hotels and Adventist HealthCare established their headquarters in Rockville. In addition to this, Rockville features the famed Beall-Dawson House, F. Scott Fitzgerald Burial Place and other popular attractions that look even better in the pictures when taken by a professional photographer.

Rockville is a great place to create great memories

The remarkable historic places, landmarks, parks and other one-of-a-kind attractions in the area offer a truly unique experience to the people who choose to celebrate the important events of their lives in such locations. It is through the professional photography services that these special events in the people’s lives are captured perfectly to last a lifetime or even through the next generations to come. It has some of the finest hotels and restaurants where most wedding receptions, conferences, reunions and other special gatherings are held.

Rockville is the place to experience a little of this and a little of that

Since Rockville’s population consists of several races, visitors can experience different cultures and appreciate the beauty of the area anywhere they go. That is why any visitor is always seen carrying a digital camera, a smartphone camera or any type of camera so that they don’t miss anything that attracts their eyes. A professional shooter is also important so that every exciting moment or joyful event is captured perfectly, not to mention the popular attractions the area has to offer.

In addition to its historical attractions, Rockville takes pride in its numerous restaurants that serve only the best cuisines in town. It has a plethora of chain restaurants that offers a sense of familiarity and comfort to every visitor in the area. The guests at their world-class hotels enjoy the most excellent service and accommodations, making their stay in Rockville a truly relaxing one. When it comes to shopping, shoppers can have a blast and will definitely find something unique for themselves and their loved ones back home. The city has so many jewelry stores, clothing stores, art stores and thrift shops. Filled with recreation activities, the parks are a haven of fun and excitement where the best images of people laughing and smiling are taken. A place offering diverse entertainment for everyone, Rockville is frequented by visitors from the neighboring areas and around the world. Ranked by the 2008 Money Magazine as the “66th Best Place to Live in the US,” Rockville with its friendly and warm locals is a very pleasant spot to visit.

Rockville and its attractions make a very outstanding subject or backdrop for all types of photos, be it for weddings, graduations, reunions or any important events. It does not matter whether you are vacationing or celebrating a very special event in your life in one of the best attractions in Rockville, every photo taken either by a professional shooter or an amateur artist will make a lasting memory of your visit to the city.

Whether you are at a park, a museum or any historic site in Rockville, rest assured of having an excellent backdrop for family portraits, graduation photos, wedding pictures or any photos of special reunions or gatherings. Although Rockville has many interesting locations where you can take the most impressive photos, here are a number of outstanding places that can provide picture-perfect backdrops for any type of special event in a person’s life.

The places that best describe Rockville

Dogwood Park

There is a great opportunity for taking pictures of family, children or friends relaxing and having fun at this park. You will see adults exercising outdoors and kids playing. More often than, most parks almost have the same things in common but Dogwood Park has several features that are not found in other parks. It has a gazebo and picnic areas with 2 grills, where visitors can celebrate their birthday, have some outdoor family gathering or simply eat their lunch. Local teams can actually play games in the 3 lighted football or baseball fields. The volleyball court, tennis courts, batting cages make great spots for other sporting events. What’s more, the park has an urban wildlife sanctuary and a nature preserve, giving the visitors the opportunity to appreciate nature even in the city. Dogwood Park is truly an ideal spot for friends and families who wish to spend time together and create happy memories outdoors.

Cabin John Regional Park

Another park that makes the city stands out from the rest is the Cabin John Park. This park, which offers pure fun and recreation for all its visitors, is an awesome location for families, friends and couples who are in the mood for relaxing outdoors on the weekends or any day of the week, making it a fantastic place for engagement photos for the sports enthusiasts or just any family-oriented pictures with kids or even dogs. It is Montgomery County’s pride as it is a large park that offers the most excellent combination of recreation, sports and nature. A very friendly park, it is open for everyone, the old and young ones and even for the handicapped and the toddlers.

The park features the athletic area, trails, picnic area, camp sites, playgrounds, ice-skating rink and more! Visitors who are into sports play games in the athletic area that has several sports facilities such as a soccer field, baseball and softball fields, a volleyball court, outdoor and indoor tennis courts and a lot more. The Park also maintains more than 5 miles of biking and hiking trails. The picnic area which can accommodate a maximum of 175 person is perfect for group picnicking and a great spot for outdoor family reunion or group photos. The playgrounds, where plenty of kids visit especially on weekends, provide sheer fun and excitement for kids from 2 to 7 years of age. There are almost a dozen slides each specifically designed for kids of all ages.  Another interesting feature of the Park is the ice rink which is frequented by visitors who are into ice skating. Moreover, the 6-feet tall miniature train with 5 cars, on which the visitors can ride for 10 minutes, runs around the Park. Indeed, Cabin John is one unique park which offers an interesting setting for family pictures, kids’ photos and any group portraits outdoors.

Red Brick Courthouse

A favorite landmark of Rockville, the prominent Courthouse faced numerous threats of demolition throughout the past fifty years. Luckily, it was always saved through the support of the Montgomery County businesses, residents, schoolchildren and preservationists who rallied each time it faced the threat, and the historical society made efforts to protect and restore it. It is the County’s 4th courthouse. Constructed in 1891, the Courthouse, just like any courthouses at the time, became the center of government and judicial activities in the community. It is where the residents obtained settled wills, recorded deeds, marriage licenses, attended trials, paid taxes, purchased dog tags or listened to some traveling speakers. With a Romanesque Revival style, the Courthouse has 3 floors and is made of red brick with rough-cut stone ornamentation. Now, this Courthouse is used as Peerless Rockville’s headquarters and still serves as an active courthouse for the very supportive Montgomery County. This historical landmark makes a very good backdrop for civil wedding photos and graduation photos of those that include students of law, politics or government.

Beall-Dawson House

Another famous historical site the Rockville community takes pride in is the Beall-Dawson House. This is an example of a home built to reflect the status and wealth of a prominent family in the 1800s in Rockville. This House makes a good backdrop for graduation photos that especially include students of architecture or any medical field. There is no other historic site where you can best learn about Montgomery County history than in this House. Built in 1815, the House was named after the Beall family and Amelia Somervell Dawson, a cousin of the Bealls. It was first inhabited by Upton Beall with his spouse and daughters in 1815 until 1960. The Beall sisters inhabited the house throughout their lives and later Amelia Dawson, their cousin along with her family, joined them. The city purchased it in the 1960s and it became the headquarters of the County’s historical society. The House, which represents the lives lived by the African American slaves and wealthy white family during the 19th century in Rockville, has exhibit galleries that showcase the collections of the County’s historical society. Another feature of the House is the Stonestreet Museum where visitors can see a small doctor’s office and exhibits highlighting Rockville’s 19th century and early 20th century pharmaceutical and medical collections such as tools, instruments, books and furniture.

Lake Needwood

Lake Needwood makes for a very interesting backdrop for engagement or wedding photography. This 75-acre lake is Rock Creek Regional Park’s popular attraction. Visitors can enjoy a ride on Needwood Queen, the pontoon boat made available for visitors to ride as they spend their leisure time at the lake. In addition to pontoon boats, they can also rent rowboats, pedal boats and canoes. The lake is surrounded by picnic areas, where most of the various events are held, making it a great location for reunion photos, family pictures or engagement portraits. After acquiring a license, the visitors can also go fishing in the lake. What’s more, for those who are into archery, there is a specially built archery range at the park as well. Other features of the park include a snack bar, a visitor’s center, playgrounds, biking and hiking trails. The Needwood Golf Course also offers a superb setting for wedding photos or family photos. “Go Ape Treetop Adventure” is another popular activity that kids and adults enjoy at the park.

Rockville Town Square

Also known as the Rockville Town Center, the Square includes a mix of apartments/condos, restaurants, retail stores and a lot more! An excellent spot for picture taking, the Square has a special space designated for various public events that include community festivals, concerts and farmers’ markets. This is a popular Square where most of the leisure and fun activities in the city are gathered and where most of the residents and visitors go to have a taste of something unique and interesting the city has to offer.

The Square includes the Rockville Library. With a vast selection of video/audio materials and books as well as state-of-the-art facilities, the Library becomes an important location for the intellectuals and book lovers. The Square also features the Arts and Innovations Center. This becomes a popular venue for shows, exhibits and art classes. Moreover, in the winter season, the Square Ice Rink is frequented by families and groups of friends who spend time together to enjoy ice skating outdoors. This is a lively setting for any family photos or just any portraits that include people simply having fun at the rink in the cold winter months.

Rockville attractions can look more appealing in the pictures when they are taken by a professional photographer. Roneyfield Photography can help preserve your best memories in Rockville through the excellent quality pictures Sara Roney, the owner, takes.

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