Picking The Right Photographer

When the time comes to select a professional wedding photographer for your special day, there are various elements to consider that will greatly affect the outcome. How can you be sure which wedding photographer is the right one for you? You can research online, visit bridal shows, read local phone books, or go by the recommendations of friends. The most important challenge is to better educate yourself to make a sound decision.


1: Importance of Flexible Wedding Portraiture


Black and White: Bride smiling portrait - by AnnMarie Sciascia, NJ New Jersey

Many photographers have a particular style. Some photographers are strictly photojournalists, some are solely traditional artists, and others demonstrate both skills and styles combined as a single entity. As the art of photography progressed, the wedding photojournalism movement has lured in many wedding couples in recent years. However, the importance of traditional portraiture should never be overlooked. Formal portraiture has been one of the most popular forms of art for centuries. All the historical figures have opted to record themselves via this artistic approach for a very good reason: traditional portraiture captures the subject with the utmost flattering perspective and vision. Not only is a wedding as a whole remarkably expensive, considering the preparation effort alone to become your most beautiful on your wedding day (with the cost of bridal gowns, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, hair, makeup and flowers), it would be foolish to not consider portraiture to be an important focus of your wedding album. This is the reason why you should ensure your photographer possesses a rich portraiture portfolio.

Make sure your photographer is willing to serve YOUR needs as the client.  Example:  You want photo-journalistic photographic style for your wedding day.  All you have to do is ask us, and we’ll do our best to make your day as special as we can, and the way you want it…so you have less stress and worry.

2: Client Relationship – Is Your Photographer Willing to Share?

Wedding photography should not be categorized into the mere business of payment upon delivery of service. Your wedding day requires a photographer’s attention to detail, inspirational touch and the utmost devotion. Choosing the right photographer is an intimate affair. Does your photographer take your wedding event with personal conviction? Is your photographer willing to share his/her personal experiences? Getting to know your photographer is the result of willingness to share. If you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer, the quality of your wedding album will suffer. Below are few of my personal approach to photography:

Lightly colored: Bride looking through the window - by AnnMarie Sciascia, NJ New Jersey

  1. Before and After, Gain the Bride’s Confidence: Many clients have expressed to me that I have photographed very pretty brides, and worry that they would not look as beautiful. These beliefs often create pressure and tension on the bride, but not to worry, with the essential ingredients of proper posing, lighting, and makeup, a beautiful formal portrait image will prevail. I have shown brides before and after pictures of my portraits, and many have been astonished seeing my brides wake up in the morning looking like most of us, and then transformed in the photography to be picture-perfect brides. Just as the transformation of a butterfly needs the correct environment and nurturing, the same holds true for a photography shoot, which requires the proper artists, and the collaboration of the bride herself to create and capture her beauty.
  2. Understanding the Importance, be Involved: I often keep in contact with my clients. When one of my young brides lost her father unexpectedly six months after her wedding, I realized how important the photography documentation is in a family’s history. The images of her father looking at his only child unfolds a story of love and devotion.Another experience included a bride and groom who had their reception at their grandparent’s Jersey Shore reception hall. The groom had spent his summer vacations at this reception hall for as long as he could remember. Long after their ceremony, I received a wonderful email from them expressing to me that the Grand Old Barclay in Belmar, NJ was being torn down and sold to investors who would instead build condominiums. The bride and groom were incredibly appreciative that this piece of history going back to the groom’s childhood would be able to be preserved visually.Knowing my work will be cherished and referenced by family members across many generations brings me sense of pride and dedication.



Wedding Photography is the single most important investment of your wedding day. In addition to checking your photographer’s formal credentials, photography styles, and personal working synergy, there are other alternatives / important factors to consider:

  • Photographer Talent – Many photographers cannot afford certification, or are too busy to keep renewing their certification. Do not overlook related experience and exceptional talent.
  • Costs – Some photographers cost more than others, often for a good reason. Understand the saying “You Get What Your Pay For” has its merits.
  • Digital / Film – There are disadvantages to both film and digital. It’s worth conducting some research.
  • Liability / Archiving – Some photographers may not keep a backup of their weddings, ask your photographer for additional media recovery packages, and consult their common practices.

With this said, I hope you have gained some insights into how to choose the right photographer for your wedding. Take my advice as a compass, I wish you the best of luck in your wedding planning journey.

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