Bridal Show At the Inn At the Olde Silk Mill | Fredericksburg, VA | Fredericksburg Virginia Photographer

We had a wonderful blast hanging out with one of our favorite vendors today!  Atlantic Wedding Video!  We helped him out for the day, and had a lot of fun!  And…got to enjoy the beautiful models for the fashion show!  (I felt honored, since I was the only Photographer shooting the fashion show, too!)  🙂


RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0001and of course, we had some boys with their toys.  🙂  (Mats brought out his areal helicopter camera for some neat footage.RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0002RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0003RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0004RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0005RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0006RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0007RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0008RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0009RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0010RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0011RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0012RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0013SUCH BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL MODELS!  What a privilege it was to be a part of the show!RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0014…Our friends Michael Kuper, Mats Jerndal, Richard Green, & the owner of the Silk Mill!RoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0015ahhhh, yes….the fun crew at Atlantic Wedding Video, and the theatrical posing.  lolRoneyfieldPhotography_InnAtTheOldSilkMillBridalShow_0016



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