An Unusual Wedding Venue With Style, Class And Elegance: Carnegie Library, Washington DC

Getting married? Searching for a venue for your wedding? Do you love the smell of a real book? Are you confused as to the popular nature of ebooks? That indiscriminate smell that has excitement, promise and fills you with anticipation? Maybe you hang out for hours and lose yourself in bookshop cafes, reading cookbooks, travel guides, fiction? Or perhaps you love your local library? If this is the case, have you ever considered getting married in a stunning library? Then, the Carnegie Library, Washington DC (801 K ST NW WASHINGTON, DC 20001) might be the place for you!

Don’t be deceived by the location. This is not just any old library. With nine ornate rooms, an impressive plaza and an air of sophistication that reminds guests of 1903, the year in which it was built, the Carnegie Library will impress your friends and family.

With high ceilings, beautiful architecture and airy hallways, this venue will add elegance and class to your special day.  In addition, this venue gives you the opportunity to get married both inside and outside: catering to the particular atmosphere you wish to create.

It also has the possibility to seat up to four hundred people so, if you are planning on a large wedding, this venue will easily cater for you. However, if you have a more intimate affair in mind, your guests will not be lost in the library. This venue is particularly good if you wish to have stunning and timeless wedding photos which will last years and remind you of your special day.

As it is a venue which has lots of different types of ceremonies and events, the Carnegie Library is wonderfully flexible for any event. They have onsite caterers but also give you the option to hire your own. If you have been planning your wedding for years and know exactly what you want when it comes to flowers, food, table design, liquor, music and seating plan, the Carnegie Library will accommodate your choices and will not stifle you with a wedding planner.

One particular plus point of this venue is that the space really lends itself to music. Whatever music you want, the large, airy spaces will create a warm and vibrant sound for your quartet or chamber orchestra to work with. In much the same that a church works, the library will complement whatever music you choose to have on your wedding day.

The library is also extremely central, so finding appropriate accommodation will not be a problem. With plenty of hotels and venues for you and your guests to retire to, you will be spoilt for choice! For that touch of effortless class, the Carnegie is the venue for you!

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