Mikayla’s Senior Portraits | Manassas Battlefield Park Photography

I just have to say, I enjoyed taking photos of this absolutely gorgeous girl!  She doesn’t even know how beautiful she is, but I think her special Senior Portraits came out quite stunning! Don’t you?  🙂  The perfect backdrop…the perfect subject…the perfect lighting!  Couldn’t ask for anything more!  (I just love doing Senior Portraits!  I love being able to help young women feel beautiful and special!  It’s quite rewarding.)    This is a special moment in her life where everything stands still for one small minute, and the your future calls you….one of the last moments you can be a “kid”…before going off and adulting.  Let’s treasure these moments.  ♥

Her little sister was there as well as my own 2 children…so they kept each other company while we did her older sister’s photos, and they got to learn a few things about
photography!  We even put them to work, so they would understand all about the angles, and how the light works with it.  🙂  (put em’ to work!  haha)










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