10 little fingers…10 little toes…

Sweet little Abigail is our star today!  Born 5 days late, 8 lbs. and 14 oz, our little “snail” has finally arrived, and the Roney family has now grown by one more!  Here are just a few of many many photos I took of her… ♥


RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0001RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0002RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0003RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0004RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0005

RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0006

RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_Screenshot_SRoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0007RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0008RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0009RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0010RoneyfieldPhotography__ BabyAbigailNewborn_0011



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